Sopa de pollo: Shredded chicken soup with rice.  $5.95

Sopa de frijoles: Black Bean soup, served with sour cream and cotija cheese.  $5.25

Sopa de tortilla:  Tortilla chips, diced avocados and tomatoes, in a chicken broth with huajillo sauce.  $5.25           Appetizers

Chorizo Dip: Melted cheese with Mexican sausage served with tortilla chips.  $8.95

Tostadas de Tinga:  Shredded chicken in a chipotle sauce with sauteed onions over a crispy tostada. Topped with lettuce, Mexican sourcream and cojita cheese. (Two per order)  $9.95

Nachos:  Corn tortilla chips with beans, melted montery jack and cheddar cheese, guacamole, sour cream and cured jalapenos. Choice of Chicken, Chori zo or Ground Beef.  $10.95

Jalapenos Poppers: $10.95

Quesadilla: Corn dough stuffed with cheese, folded over and deepfried. Served with lettuce and crema Mexicana . Choice of Chicken, Beef or Chorizo.  $9.95


Huarache: Fried corn dough with a bean spread. Topped with lettuce, nopalitos, creama Mexicana, and cotija cheese. Choice of Chorizo or Cecina.  $11.95


Taco Salad: Fried  flour tortilla shell stuffed with lettuce, tomatoes, monterrey jack and cheddar cheese, guacamole, sour cream and cured jalapenos. Choice of Ground Beef or Chicken.  $10.95

Ensalada de Aguacate:  Watercress salad with tomatoes, avocado slices, radishes, and cotija cheese. In a lemon herb  vinaigrette dressing.  $8.95

Ensalada De Mango: Spring mix salad with sliced mangos, orange segments, and walnuts. In a mango citrus dressing.  $8.95

Grapefruit and Apple Salad: Spring mix salad with almonds, pumpkin seeds, and gorgonzola cheese. In a raspberry vinaigrette.  $8.95

Papaya Salad : Spring mix salad with papaya, beets, goat cheese, pecans, and rosemary. In a apple cider vinaigrette.

 $8.95 ***** Add Chicken $4.00  Shrimp $5.00 ****

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